National MS Society Public Policy Conference 2023

I was invited to attend the National MS Society’s Public Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. at the beginning of March. We kicked it off on Monday afternoon. There were about 200 people there, many decked out in orange apparel- people living with MS, people whose loved ones have MS, MS medical personal and MS SocietyContinue reading “National MS Society Public Policy Conference 2023”

If Its (Gluten) Free, Its For Me

Hey MSfit’s, Spoonies and Party People? How ya been? My life has been jampacked lately. It was just Halloween and now Christmas is in 3 weeks?! Does anybody else feel like 2021 just flew by, considering that we basically lost all of 2020, and now we’re just supposed to jump in to 2022 and conquerContinue reading “If Its (Gluten) Free, Its For Me”

Things I Find Helpful {Household Edition}

Household Chores, blah. Dishes. Laundry. Sweeping. So many things to keep a household functioning. There are some chores that make sense for me to take care of and there are others that make sense for the Hubs to take care of. There are the tasks that are less of a bother for me to doContinue reading “Things I Find Helpful {Household Edition}”

Things I Find Helpful {Beauty Edition}

There have only been a handful of times that I’ve needed to wear makeup in the last year or so. I know how to do my make up so I look nice but I am no where near talented when it comes to those amazing make up looks my nieces can pull off looking likeContinue reading “Things I Find Helpful {Beauty Edition}”

Raise Your Hand If You’re Secretly Bummed It’s Back To School

Raise your hand if you’re secretly (or, not so secretly) bummed out that your kids aren’t returning to in person school soon? Mine start Friday. I am already dreading it. I haven’t had a break since March. I love them but Momma needs some alone time! Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that ourContinue reading “Raise Your Hand If You’re Secretly Bummed It’s Back To School”

I Burst My Bubble!

I burst my bubble and finally left the house Tuesday. Other than going to the dentist a few times in June and July, random drive-thru cravings (masked and heavily hand-sanitized before and after) and porch visits to my parents and sister’s houses, I hadn’t left my house since March 12th. No matter your views onContinue reading “I Burst My Bubble!”

My MS-Diaversary!

My 8 year Diaversary with MS (multiple sclerosis) was on Wednesday. Yes, I made cupcakes. It’s a day I recognize. I wouldn’t say I celebrate it. July 22, 2012 was a day my life changed forever. The Hubs is the part of us that asks questions. I am the one who takes in the informationContinue reading “My MS-Diaversary!”

Where Have I Been? Uh, Mostly Laying In Bed Watching Hamilton Non Stop. (You Get The References, Right? It’s Ben Franklin With The Key And The Kite…)

I have been feeling like crap for 3 weeks with my leg. I’m not sure if it’s because it got really hot in So Cal or if it means new lesions. You never know with Multiple Sclerosis, I guess. Well until you have another MRI and then you know. My left leg is always aContinue reading “Where Have I Been? Uh, Mostly Laying In Bed Watching Hamilton Non Stop. (You Get The References, Right? It’s Ben Franklin With The Key And The Kite…)”

June Cleaning Challenge: Getting Down to the Wire

There are two days left in June and I still have 6 things on my official 30 item declutter list to cross off. They are all big, time consuming ones and I don’t foresee me getting in all done by Tuesday night. I am going to try to take care of 2 particular ones onContinue reading “June Cleaning Challenge: Getting Down to the Wire”