If Its (Gluten) Free, Its For Me

Hey MSfit’s, Spoonies and Party People? How ya been? My life has been jampacked lately. It was just Halloween and now Christmas is in 3 weeks?! Does anybody else feel like 2021 just flew by, considering that we basically lost all of 2020, and now we’re just supposed to jump in to 2022 and conquerContinue reading “If Its (Gluten) Free, Its For Me”

Stress Triggers and Cutting the Cheese

I hope everyone had happy holidays!! Ours was very chill and relaxing. The kids were excited at gifts they received. The Hubs and I cooked a delicious dinner of beef tips, mashed potatoes and asparagus. We watched WW84 and we’re bored. I baked a crap-ton of cookies the days leading up to Christmas. I alsoContinue reading “Stress Triggers and Cutting the Cheese”