Things I Find Helpful {Household Edition}

Household Chores, blah. Dishes. Laundry. Sweeping. So many things to keep a household functioning. There are some chores that make sense for me to take care of and there are others that make sense for the Hubs to take care of. There are the tasks that are less of a bother for me to do and vice versa for him to handle. Or there are other duties we don’t mind taking care of at all and we just do them without being asked.

For example, you will never catch me mopping. It’s just not on my radar to take care of but he thinks of it and he just takes care of it. Pre-pandemic he never needed to worry if he would run out of his favorite soap and the kids didn’t need to worry if we had their favorite snacks on hand. We have been lucky to be home together during the pandemic and we have fallen into this rhythm where he cooks (which I absolutely HATE to do) and I clean it all up afterwards. Some projects we tackle together. #RomanceIsNotDead

The following products and ideas, I am not getting sponsored to share about; I just find they really help me with my household chores and I thought maybe they could help you too!

Laundry: Have you ever used Shout Color Catchers? In my house, it seems like we never have quite a full load of whites. But we do have light grey clothes and dirty towels that would make it a full load. You simply load your washer up with a batch of dirty clothes, drop a sheet in on top and start your washer! It catches all the random colored dye in the water and leaves your clothes the same color they started as. It’s life changing and energy saving!

Image of Shout Color Catchers

Dust: I am sure this is not a surprising product but, hello Swifter Dusters!! I love these things! I have the hand held size handle and the extender size handle. Added Bonus: My kids love to dust now! They run around the house dusting all sorts of places. I especially love the dusters for places that I would not be able to normally reach like ceiling fan blades…which leads me to my next topic…

Image: Sarah’s laundry tools basket with laundry items

Steps: I am five two. I can not reach many cabinets and shelves in my house. The Hubs is six, one. He doesn’t even need to stretch to grab things from up in the heavens. If I want to grab the foil off from on top of the fridge, I have to open the freezer door, to get closer to where it’s comfortably resting on top of the fridge, pull it down and shut the freezer door. Same routine to put it back. So for simple things like this, I have a tiny fold up step so I can use it to get things easier. I use it almost daily to make my life easier but there are still a few places in my house that I’m still not tall enough to reach. (Plus the Hubs and kids are afraid I might fall.) For those tough to reach places, the Hubs bought me a heavy duty Gorilla Step Ladder. It’s nice and sturdy. It is a tad heavy but manageable. Now I can get down paper towels when he’s not home. I also have a handy grabber. It’s just a stick with a grabber clamp on the end so I can get bottles of stuff down or pick stuff up off the floor without having to bend down to get it.

Image: Step Stool
Image: My Gorilla Ladder

The last suggestion I have is super simple: make a cleaning schedule. I have one sketched out for weekly, monthly, quarterly and sometime, if I am ever rage cleaning and need to release some anger, I have three projects written down that I want to complete at some point in life.

It just makes my life easier if I know I’m supposed to clean the bathroom every Tuesday. It doesn’t mean I will. It’s not set in stone, I have M.S. and am a Mom. A thousand other things could come up on Tuesday, or I could just decide to leave it for another day.

Do you use any products that make your life so much easier when it comes to cleaning up life?


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