Raise Your Hand If You’re Secretly Bummed It’s Back To School

Raise your hand if you’re secretly (or, not so secretly) bummed out that your kids aren’t returning to in person school soon? Mine start Friday. I am already dreading it. I haven’t had a break since March. I love them but Momma needs some alone time! Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that ourContinue reading “Raise Your Hand If You’re Secretly Bummed It’s Back To School”

I Burst My Bubble!

I burst my bubble and finally left the house Tuesday. Other than going to the dentist a few times in June and July, random drive-thru cravings (masked and heavily hand-sanitized before and after) and porch visits to my parents and sister’s houses, I hadn’t left my house since March 12th. No matter your views onContinue reading “I Burst My Bubble!”

My MS-Diaversary!

My 8 year Diaversary with MS (multiple sclerosis) was on Wednesday. Yes, I made cupcakes. It’s a day I recognize. I wouldn’t say I celebrate it. July 22, 2012 was a day my life changed forever. The Hubs is the part of us that asks questions. I am the one who takes in the informationContinue reading “My MS-Diaversary!”