I Burst My Bubble!

I burst my bubble and finally left the house Tuesday. Other than going to the dentist a few times in June and July, random drive-thru cravings (masked and heavily hand-sanitized before and after) and porch visits to my parents and sister’s houses, I hadn’t left my house since March 12th. No matter your views on the pandemic, I am taking it like it literally will kill me because my doctors keep reminding me it might due to my immune system. Maybe it’s overreacting but I am not willing to be a test subject to find out.

I have been going crazy the last week or so in my bubble…the safety of my house and yard. The Hubs suggested we go to the beach. It took me 3 days to decide to go. We talked out all the scenarios we could think of when you go to the beach…parking, too many people, people not masked, etc. We finally decided we would go very early and leave once people started arriving. The kids start school again next week so if we were going to go, now was the time!

We woke the kids up super early, packed up the car and headed off by 7:30 am You guys, I was so nervous! There were so many cars on the freeway. I didn’t say much on the 45 minute drive out there.

Newport Beach, California

When we got to the beach at 8:15ish the parking lot was pretty full so I got even more nervous that there would be too many people and I wouldn’t feel safe. We started unloading the car, the kids were ready to jump in the ocean and I was just knew that when we got to the other side of the shower area that the beach would be jam-packed!

However, I think most of the people that had parked in the lot, were on the pier fishing because there was only one other lady and a smaller child on the beach. I felt so relieved and I finally relaxed.

We started to set up our spot. We purposely packed two huge comforters to give us a big area so hopefully no one would sit close to us. The Hubs and kids went down to the water. I sat taking in the sound of the crashing waves. It was really soothing. Doctors keep asking me if I am feeling stressed or depressed and I’m like, “Of course! We’re living through a pandemic.” After just sitting on the beach for awhile, I felt refreshed. We also saw a big pod of dolphins swim by too.

We left once it started to get crowded around 11:30. Most people were wearing masks. I also noticed people seemed to be walking far away from others to avoid getting too close.

Variety of seashells my kids collected

On our way out of town, we stopped and got my favorite shrimp tacos.

The BEST Shrimp tacos from GreatMex Newport

What are things you do to de-stress these days? Do you feel like they help you relax?


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