MSfit Travel Log- Packing Edition

At almost 40, I traveled all by myself, for the first time ever, in my life. I love to travel! I just usually travel with family or friends. I was invited by the National MS Society to attend their Newly Engage MS Activist Workshop, in person, and in Washington D.C.! (Separate post on that later!)Continue reading “MSfit Travel Log- Packing Edition”

Things I Find Helpful {MS Perks/Spoonie Swag Edition}

Hello MSFit’s and Spoonies! Today, I am going to share with you some programs that you might be eligible for because you are disabled. I am uncomfortable with the word “disabled” being attached to my persona because I am so much more than the fact that I have to live with Multiple Sclerosis. I hateContinue reading “Things I Find Helpful {MS Perks/Spoonie Swag Edition}”

June Cleaning Challenge: Getting Down to the Wire

There are two days left in June and I still have 6 things on my official 30 item declutter list to cross off. They are all big, time consuming ones and I don’t foresee me getting in all done by Tuesday night. I am going to try to take care of 2 particular ones onContinue reading “June Cleaning Challenge: Getting Down to the Wire”

Today Was a Great, Productive Day!

I don’t sleep well when it’s hot but last night I slept all night without waking up multiple times and then slept in this morning too! While the kids were doing summer school, I decided to email Governor Newsom and my local representatives about the proposed California budget and asked them not to cut K-12Continue reading “Today Was a Great, Productive Day!”

Where Has Customer Service Gone?

When I worked, I was a shipping supervisor and customer service rep for a manufacturing plant. Occasionally I got calls from angry, frustrated customers for all various reasons. I know the customer is NOT always right but for the sake of doing business, most of the time customers need to feel appreciated when they areContinue reading “Where Has Customer Service Gone?”