Where Has Customer Service Gone?

When I worked, I was a shipping supervisor and customer service rep for a manufacturing plant. Occasionally I got calls from angry, frustrated customers for all various reasons. I know the customer is NOT always right but for the sake of doing business, most of the time customers need to feel appreciated when they are frustrated. There were a few times the problem was so big, I didn’t have the authority to fix the problem in the way the customer wanted so I would have to go to the GM to get approval on something I had worked out to keep the customer happy or for us to fix our error. There were even times, when the GM wouldn’t budge on certain things the customer was asking for but for the most part we always tried to maintain the RELATIONSHIP between us and our customer.

I have spent literally my whole day from noon on hold with Expedia to try to get a refund that Hawaiian Airlines agreed to give me but says Expedia has to process as we bought through them. I held for 3 hours to speak with a supervisor since they are the only ones that are authorized to refund me. This is after multiple calls and emails to Expedia and Hawaiian Air regarding this matter for weeks now. I finally hung up after the 3rd hour because I needed to get dinner ready for the kids. My (very nice) customer service rep called me back right away and asked me to hold on 15 minutes longer because I was “almost” next. I agreed. After 45 minutes longer, I told the Hubs, I would wait 15 more minutes and then hang up again and could he please start dinner while I waited.

When the supervisor finally answered almost an hour later, he read back to me the notes that were in my account and said that while he see’s that Hawaiian did offer to grant my refund, the code they gave was invalid and “honestly, I shouldn’t expect to much to be resolved.” So I came back at him with the same tone of voice and firmly asked him to contact Hawaiian if there is an issue with the refund number they gave because all I could go off of what the email Hawaiian gave me and it sounded like an internal issue. I have since been on hold another hour with the supervisor while he is supposedly talking to Hawaiian to resolve this for me.

I had lot of time to kill while I have just been sitting here wasting time on hold and found so many forums of people upset with Expedia via Facebook and Instagram. It is unfair that people are not getting their money back on travel related stuff due to Covid especially after the airline government bailout said airlines needed to give money back to consumers if they asked. I also found lots of email addresses for Expedia’s higher ups if this supervisor won’t refund me. A friend told me to dispute it with my credit card because services weren’t rendered. Another said to email the Attorney General for Washington state and file a claim with the Better Business Bureau.

For as many people who need/want their money back, there are others that are totally fine with a credit. In fact we have airline credits with 2 other carriers from trips that got cancelled that we were happy to take the airline credits with. This particular trip to Hawaii, we want our money back for the flight.

I’ve been typing this as I was on hold, so good news, they refunded it (as they should of since HA already said they would!) Phew!! It took all day but it’s resolved! Hopefully I don’t need to worry about it anymore but I got his name and ID number plus my confirmation number for the call. I guess you’ll know if I suddenly have a follow up post in 6 to 8 weeks!

Oh, again, no challenge completed today because this mess took all day to take care of!!


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