Do you think Y2K Saw 2020 Coming?

20 years ago today, I graduated from high school. Class of 2000!

I remember when I was set to walk across the stage, I just kept hoping I didn’t fall in front of everyone because I had on ridiculous platform flats that at the time were the hottest shoe style. 20 years later and I am like, “Why on earth would I ever have worn those and thank god, I never sprain my ankle with them!” Ick. I sound so practical now.

I was having a blast with my friends and we were getting ready to head off in all different directions. There wasn’t Facebook yet. We all wrote our cell phone numbers in our yearbooks but texting cost a $1 a text and I was prohibited by my parents to use it unless I was in an accident. Aww the 2000’s! Remember Y2K was supposed to end the world when the computer dates reset at midnight on New Years Eve?

My tassel
I (hope) am laugh-smiling in this picture

We were supposed to have our 20 year reunion this coming up weekend but of course, it got cancelled due to the pandemic. It’s cool. I was also supposed to go see Hamilton that same night with my kids, so I was trying figuring out how to go to both things at once. Except, then Hamilton got cancelled too. So I guess now I’ll just be hanging at home Saturday night; the same thing I’ve done the last 95 days. Maybe I’ll ask the hubs to pick me up a mojito and we’ll listen to late 90’s- early 00’s songs.

I didn’t do a June Challenge yesterday. I was so fatigued all day. It’s gotten really hot in California pretty fast and I just get zapped in the heat and turn into a slug. I haven’t done one so far today either but it’s not bedtime yet so maybe I’ll still make it. I’d like to say at some point I’ll make up the ones I miss but I’m not holding myself 100% to it since it’s basically summer. And I am totally going to play the MS card if I don’t do 30 total by the end of June because it should be treated as a “Get Out of MS Jail” pass. I wasn’t and (am not) being lazy. My body is just working against me and makes everything so much harder.

My hubs literally caught me sticking my head in the freezer to cool off.

I can’t think of any cute way to end today’s random thoughts post. I don’t have any stories to tell; I’ve been inside 95 days. I don’t have any MS wisdom to share. I guess I’ll just continue to say, CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK!! WE ARE IN A FREAKING PANDEMIC. My 17 year old self did not see this coming 20 years later. If all you manage to do is take a shower, gold sticker! If you change from night jammies to day jammies, gold sticker! Whatever you accomplish these days, GOLD STICKERS!!!

My jammies have pockets!


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