June Challenge: Day 12 & 13 & a different kind of Challenge, one of my bestie’s is moving far away :(

You know how when something is planned for a really long time to happen and it just feels so far away until, suddenly it’s not?? My very good friend is moving next week out of state and I am so excited for her new adventure but I can’t imagine not seeing her weekly. Even during Quarantine she would do porch drop offs of supplies to me so we could wave or I’d stand in my driveway and she’d be on the street in her car so we were 6 feet apart and could talk with our masks on. She has the biggest heart and we have the same warped sense of humor. She knows my deep dark stuff. We used to watch true crime shows while the kids were at school. We have plans to continue doing that watch-party style once she’s settled and unpacked into her new house and all the kids are back in the classroom.

She came by yesterday so we could say good-bye and we talked for 2 and a half hours in the sun 6 feet apart. (I got a decent sunburn on my shoulders too.) That just proves my point of how big her heart is…she is leaving, knows I am NOT leaving my house for any reason, and so she came to ME to say goodbye. She offered to wave and wouldn’t hug me in case she had cooties but I told her she was worth the risk to me and we had a long huggggggggg. I hope she knows how much she means to me. (heart emojis) I know this isn’t forever. I’ll travel to see her at some point and she’ll be back in California every so often too.

Secret Bestie Stuff

Back to the Daily Cleaning Challenge, last night (#12) I cleaned up under my daughters bed. Some things we store under there because we lack space but more often stuff ends up beneath her bed because she kicks it there when she “cleans up her room.” We pulled out so many books from under there.

Today, I worked on the top shelf in her closet (#13). It was basically stuff that had accumulated there over time and that needed to be put in an order and sorted. I’m not attaching cleaning pictures because, both would just be blah pictures so I’ll spare you. You’ll have to take my Girl Scout honor that I did it. 🙂

After that, I spent a decent chunk of the day with my kids. We worked on a sequin unicorn picture my daughter had gotten for her birthday but we had never taken the time to put together. You take a tiny pin, put a sequin on it and push it in the the foam board to decorate a picture. It has 1900 sequins to put in it!

The very beginging
Farther along but we got as far as the while spots before we called it a day.

My fingertips are killing me but it was good OT practice on my gripping. I lost a lot of sensation in my fingers 2 years ago when I lost feeling all over my body from my collar bone to my toes for months. The feeling in my fingertips comes and goes now. My grip and hand strength have never came back to my “normal” before losing the feeling initially. My daughter and I worked on it for close to 3 hours. At one point my son came in to see our progress and commented, “That’s a cool gecko on the door.” I turned to see an alligator lizard on the inside of the screen door. My hubs relocated it to the yard.

I hope you had an eventful Saturday, minus alligator lizards.


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