Today Was a Great, Productive Day!

I don’t sleep well when it’s hot but last night I slept all night without waking up multiple times and then slept in this morning too!

While the kids were doing summer school, I decided to email Governor Newsom and my local representatives about the proposed California budget and asked them not to cut K-12 education at the school site level. I wrote to our school district superintendent as well to ask the same thing. I feel like the pandemic has amplified how important schools are to children and the emotional safety net they provide whether it is food or social support, schools are so much more than just learning subjects. For my own children, at the beginning of the pandemic when it was big and scary, their teachers provided structure and routine that they desperately needed. Both of their teachers went above and beyond for their students in many different ways.

I received a reply from my superintendent within an hour and a half of sending my email. It was personal and addressed my concerns. I understand cuts must be made but I hope they really try to cut other places first; teachers already put some much of their own money into their classrooms.

I have been in my house 97 days now but we do leave for occasional drives and today my Hubs said, “Let’s go for a drive!” So we headed off to our local mountains. It only took us about an hour and a half overall but it was really nice to cruise with the windows down, feel the breeze and to look at nature.

Driving up to Mt. Baldy
This Tunnel was built in 1954

On the way back down, my Hubs pulled over and he and the kids got out to look at the creek below. I sat in the car.

My selfie while they selfied

I did start reorganizing my pantry this morning for a Cleaning Challenge but so far I haven’t completed it. I’ll work on it more once I finish this post. If I get it done before bed time I’ll count it for today. It’s a BIG one so we’ll see…


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