June Challenge 14, 15, 16, & 17….I got so much done today!

Oh man you guys. I woke up early with a burst of energy and I knocked out 4 challenges on my list all before 1pm! It’s a refreshing June-Gloom type of day so it didn’t even start getting warm until noon.

The Hubs and I cleaned out the fridge and freezer (#14). We went to town! We pulled out and washed all the shelves and drawers. We threw out expired stuff and we reorganized the items in the door into a better system. It’s all sparkly shiny again.

Refreshed Refridgerater

Then I went ahead and straighten out the cleaning supplies that are under the kitchen sink (#15). It’s not that they were messy as much as I wanted to reorganize the bottles that we use the most when we clean so we don’t have to dig around through numerous bottles to find the one we want. Window cleaner and surface cleaner get used way more often than carpet cleaner for example.

Under the kitchen sink

We got in to the habit of unpacking the groceries together so the pantry has been a bit disorganized because things were just thrown where they fit. I have it labeled on the shelves where to keep stuff. Not because I am super-organized but it helps remind me of what we need when I do grocery shopping (or add items to the Hubs grocery list.) I also went ahead and threw out expired pantry stuff.

8 Bottles of the most yummy BBQ sauce
Baking section
In a more organized fashion

So since I was already cleaning out the pantry area I thought I better just go ahead and clean out the storage area above it (#17). On the very top shelf are some cooking gadgets – my instant pot, a Minnie Mouse waffle iron, our George Foreman grill that I don’t want to part with but rarely gets used. The shelves that the kids and I can reach tend to be much more messy. There is a basket of snacks for the kids. We have extra lunch bags because the kids are notorious for leaving their lunch pails at school. Much of my entertaining and holiday plates are on that shelf. I spent time putting all the random plastic utensils in one big bag so they aren’t just in 4 different half used boxes. I reorganized my baking pans into a more practical set up because I use them very often, especially since I’v been home on quarantine, I’ve been baking quite a bit.

Such a Mess!
So much better!

By my count I am only one challenge short for being back on track to 18 (since today is the 18th of June.) I’m not planning on doing anything more today and I’ll probably just double up again one day in June. Almost all are BIG, time consuming projects so I’m not sure what I’ll pick to do next. I am feeling relieved to be crossing off these things that have stressed me out for the past 6 months and I am glad I am taking the time to take care of it now. ‘Cause for real, what else do I got going on?


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