June Challenge..I’m Finally Caught Up! Day 18,19,20,21 & 22!

I have to get creative with kitchen storage. This is an odd shaped cabinet.

I am going to try so hard not to bore you with 5 cleaning up entries even though this is one post that covers 5 days worth of cleaning but I completed 5 over the weekend and today so I am back to being caught up on my little June Cleaning Challenge!!

Over the weekend I worked on stuff in my kitchen. These 3 cabinets have gotten so out of control over the course of lock-down. I’m not sure the before and after pictures really show that much progress but I can tell and I think ultimately that’s what matters for my sanity!

I love baking cupcakes. I have also tried to get in to stacked cakes but I am VERY not good at those. I make really fun cupcakes but once I am done baking, I’m pretty fatigued from it so many times, I just shove it back into this cabinet (#18). I went through it and separated it by items. I threw away old chocolate and sprinkles. I reorganized my supplies into smaller bags to be kept together like liners, cake pop sticks, piping tips and assorted candy baggies. I put all of my molds into a basket because that just made sense. I also put my kids cooking utensils together and closer to the front so they can pull them out easier. I think it’s hard to tell from the “after” picture but the stuff in here, doesn’t come as nearly to the edge as it did.

If you close the door fast enough, things don’t puke out!
It still looks disorganized because of the white bucket but once you move that it’s in a much better order.

The cabinet where we keep our pots and pans (#19) has been very well used since the Hubs has been home and cooking for us daily; sometimes multiple times a day. I also have cooked or baked things on and off. This cabinet has one door and goes in deep to the side so things in that back corner are hard to get to. I took everything out to put it back in a better use of the space.

My big stock pot was in the dish drain (hence the big empty space.) I made the Hubs clam chowder for Father’s Day lunch.
Better side organization and space upfront of the daily used items.

This cabinet gets used daily. The stuff in here gets used often enough that I feel like it needs to stay in the house and not out in the garage or pantry storage area. I moved my Pyrex dishes in a better order since if I cook I use them a lot. The pans I keep upfront because we use them every day. (Side note, I just hosted a Pampered Chef party and earned a ton of new kitchen gadgets and I have no idea where I am going to store them all! But that’s a problem for 6 to 8 weeks from now…)

Next, I worked on our upper corner cabinet (#20.) Same issues- lots of used often items but a weird storage space. I worked shelf by shelf to rearrange and clear things out. I kept a hand on my daughter while she stood on the counter and handed items down from the 3rd shelf to me. During this clear out, I found some Tupperware items that are in great condition but we don’t use so I’ll list them for sell on Mercari.

Stuffed in wherever there is room.

I wanted to straighten up the items we use a lot in this cabinet in to a better use of space. I also can only reach into the bottom shelf with out my trusty step stool and now that it’s getting warmer, I don’t trust my leg to hold me safely on the step so I wanted to move things I need more at arm’s length.

The Aftermath

I hardly ever watch reality TV but I found a show called “Married at First Sight” and was intrigued. I watched the whole season over this weekend.

I should straighten that up

Around episode 5, I told myself if I was just watching TV, I may as well 3 hole punch and file that pile (#21) over there in the bottom corner and then put them in the storage folders they need to go into. So I did. I think it took about 3 episodes. I’m not sure I would go out of my way again to watch “Married at First Sight” on the regular but if Netflix puts on another season and I’m short on things to watch or I want background noise I’d play it again. I found a box to put that stuff on top of my “house walker” to have the Hubs take to the thrift store. I found a place for all those science experiments my parents dropped off at the beginning of lock down for the kids. Summer school is over next week. My daughter wants to take July off to have a little bit of summer feeling. She will still have saxophone lessons and math tutoring but no summer school means she can sleep in and relax more. My son opted to do it again in July. We will probably get into those kits sometime in July though.


Today I went through the cords in a box that is in our hallway (#22). I was brutal. If it was a cord that had no obvious use, I trashed it. The stuff in this box has probably been in here over 5 years and we haven’t seemed to miss it yet, so off with it’s head so to speak!

Where cords go to be forgotten!
The Survivors

I did throw away one of those remotes that’s pictured. I kept 2 HDMI cords and an extension cord because those seemed good to keep on hand. I am sure we won’t use most of what’s still remaining in this box but I am glad to not have random cable lines and adapters just lurking in it.

These are not in any order to complete but the last 8 on my list are: Hallway Top Drawer, Hallway Bottom Drawer, Scrapbook Box #1, Scrapbook Box #2, Kid’s School Box File, Craft Area, Craft Box in Garage, Clean Out Wallet. 7 out of 8 are monsters!


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