June Cleaning Challenge: Getting Down to the Wire

There are two days left in June and I still have 6 things on my official 30 item declutter list to cross off. They are all big, time consuming ones and I don’t foresee me getting in all done by Tuesday night. I am going to try to take care of 2 particular ones on my list by Tuesday because they are ones that are inside my house and that make my anxiety rise thinking about them. One is what I call “The School Box.” It’s things my kids have done in school- art projects, report cards things like that. I need to split our one box into two boxes because my kids have gotten farther along in school and we are running out of space. I could also see if I can thin it out. They don’t need every adorable thing they ever made but I always like when I run across things I did in school now as an adult. The other is my craft stuff. Currently it is jam packed (I need another word but that is the only way I can describe it) in my son’s closet. It is the only place I can currently store my craft items but it isn’t in a very user friendly way. I make wreaths and I buy cute things as I find them. I have so much cute “would look good on a wreath” items that I don’t even know what I have so I need to get that better situated. I think this may take a whole day if not longer.

I did knock out 3 items yesterday- I cleaned out my wallet. No picture of that. Mostly it was used of gift cards and random receipts I no longer need. Took two minutes tops.

I also tackled two hallway drawers that had gotten out of hand.

The top drawer I store school supplies in. It has gotten to where you can barely open it so I wanted to go through it to see how I could reorganize it. I also had things that I had bought for my son’s birthday party school bags but we never used them because school went home-schooled before his birthday happened. I pulled all those things out and put them together in a bag in his closet. It also had my son’s visual cue cards in a mess of little pieces in there so I found all of those and put them in a zip bag. He doesn’t really need them anymore but I don’t know that I want to throw them away either so at least there in an order in there now.

The Madness
Random School Supplies
School Supplies in one smaller bag
A much more organized fashion

The bottom drawer is where I store our Road Trip Essentials. Pre-Covid, we have always traveled every summer. My kids are great road-trippers as long as they have entertainment for the car. After last summers 3 trips, when I unpacked all, I just dumped everything into the drawer. I went through all the DVD’s and moved them to where I keep our travel DVD players. I threw away coloring and activity books that they had used up. I put the travel card games back in order. It was pretty fast.

Stuff just thrown in
Cleaned up

I think I’m going to go find something to watch on TV while I go work on the school box for awhile now.


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