Vegas FB Memories

(2016- Anniversary Trip. No Kids. 2.5 days)

It’s TRUE. We didn’t go back for awhile to Vegas but it also wasn’t as devastating and permanent as I made it sound like it would be.

When I wrote this post, I was starting to rely on my Walker more & more. I was very self conscious of the staring from people; of the rushing past me to not have to hold open doors.

Old lady walker. (No offense old ladies) and a cooling vest

We don’t go to Vegas in the Summer anymore. We stay downtown so it’s a much smaller area for me to walk. We also take an array of walking devices. I swear, it’s like we replaced baby stuff with #MS stuff. I take a foldable cane, my walker & a wheelchair. We take a small cooler to keep ice packs in for my cooling vest. (We take another cooler for adult beverages 🍺🍹) plus luggage for the weekend. My hubs makes multiple trips from the parking garage to the room. We make it work.

I don’t notice the stares as much now (unless someone is being super gawky.) It took time to get used to. It took time for me to be comfortable in this new roll. I still have bad days where I get frustrated and cry. I still have pity parties where I wish I didn’t need help walking but I make it work.

But most days, I just live my life.

And I RAWK the Walker…(RAWK is like ROCK but Sassier!)

Upgraded Walker with bells and whistles. Ice Vest with an awesome logo so people have something to read when they stare,.


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