June Challenge: Daze 6,7,&8

I’m sure you were wondering if I finally went on strike from my own challenge since you haven’t seen me post in approximately 72 hours…I stuck with it.

As you may or may not recall, I picked out 30 things I want to work on around my house- one for every day of June. I decided not to do them in any particular order but it just made sense to clear out closets and dressers out at the same time.

First, I worked on my husbands and my closet while binging Investigation Discovery Saturday night. I started this habit where when I come across an item I don’t wear any more, I throw it on the floor of our closet on my husbands side until I bag it up to take to the thrift store. It has turned into quiet the pile since I started doing it and much to my hubs annoyance, we are repeatedly kicking it out of our way. I enjoy buying clothes but it got so out of hand, that my 2018 New Year’s Resolution was I challenged myself to not buy any new clothes until January 2020 (which I did except for 2 occasions I needed specific things for specific events- so I count it as a win.) I do wear most of what I have in my closet regularly but my half of the rack is jam-packed and a few pieces are in my daughters closet because you just have to get clever when you have limited space.

The Pile

Our luggage also lives over on the floor of my husband’s side of the closet. In normal life (not Covid times) we travel often enough that our traveling bags tend to get shoved over in the back corner once we’ve come home and unpack it. (I’m being honest! LOL) So I took a few minutes to reorganize them all in to the one huge suitcase.

Sunday, I worked on my daughters drawers. She does have items in her closet too but those stay organized since she rarely pulls items from there. It’s organized by jackets, her softball uniforms, girl scout uniform and dresses. She has ADHD and just shoves whatever where ever in her drawer but she can never find specific pieces she wants to wear. Together we went through her drawers and pulled the stuff she has outgrown and pieces she wanted to get rid of. Then, we broke them up into categories and just put a labeled tape on the drawer. It’s not fancy but hopefully this will help her when she puts her clothes away and then she can find that ONE shirt she wants/needs.

Today, I worked on my sons drawers. He likes things where he likes things so most of the time, he keeps his clothes pretty organized. He did have items he has outgrown so I did pull those things. He has less clothes because he wears uniforms to his school. He is starting to be more interested in what he wears when he is not at school so I did try to put them in the drawer image up. I don’t think he’ll probably continue that on his own when he puts his clothes away but his clothes do at least end up in the right drawer.

In the end, I listed a few things for sell on the Mercari selling app. We had 3 bags to donate to my parents friend who owns a thrift store so she can resell them or donate them further. I am breathing a sigh of relieve having this done. Clutter usually doesn’t bother me but I guess being home seeing it and staring at it all day after day, has just stressed me out. We’ll see what I come up with tomorrow!

IMAGES: My closet, My daughters drawer, my sons drawer, a bag of clothes to be donated.


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