June Challenge Day 9: Electronic Cleaning Counts Too!

I picked a super ridiculously easy cleaning challenge for today because I got 4 hours of sleep last night . (I think insomnia caused by it being a million degrees is a thing!) I have been yawning since 3:30 this afternoon and trying to push through to 7:30 so the kids get ready for bed and I can lay down and hopefully fall asleep earlier than later.

As I have been lounging on the couch, I decided to go through my emails. I unsubscribed to companies I no longer want to get emails from. I went through and trashed a bunch of emails that no longer needed to be in my inbox. I am not a person that keeps none or all my emails. I just get too busy with life and don’t take the time to declutter it.

I decided to go through a chunk of pictures on my phone also to start deleting some pictures.

I am a mom. I take 9000 pictures a day. Or, I have pictures that didn’t focus. Or, pictures that burst shot 12 of the same image. Going through my pictures will take substantially more time but I am going to make an effort to do it more often when I am bored and just aimlessly scrolling social media killing time. Don’t forget to go to your settings after and clear your storage to free up memory on your phone!

IMAGE: A screenshot of my IG posts.

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