MS Awareness Week (March 7-13 2021)

March is MS Awareness month for the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic condition. There is no cure. 1 million people live with MS in the United States. The Time Is Now to End MS.

Every year more and more is learned about MS. The first treatment available to treat MS was in 1993. Now there are 20 available DMDs (Disease Modifying Drugs) with another hopefully to be approved by the end of 2021. DMD’s do not cure MS. The medicines can be a shot injection, a pill or an infusion. There goal is to freeze whatever symptoms you have and prevent you from getting more or new symptoms.

Every year more people get involved in the movement to end Multiple Sclerosis but we must do more.

ID: A Picture of a blue and orange wreath of a blue background with a sign that says, “In this family no one fights alone”

Social Media has so many informative, fun people you can follow to learn from people living with MS. There are pages and groups you can follow to ask questions. You can find people to follow by searching hashtags on Instagram and Facebook. Some of the specific MS hashtags that people use are #ThisIsMS , #LivingWithMS , #MSStrong , #MSSociety You can also search by the medication you take. There are podcasts you can listen to to hear from doctors and scientists on the latest MS news. You also will hear from real people living with MS. The podcast I like the best is RealTalk MS.

The National MS Society has patient navigators you can call to find out about programs in your area. They can connect you with doctors and hospitals that specialize in MS in your area. They host support groups, classes and retreats for people living with MS. You can also join the movement to be a MS Activist and take your concerns straight to legislators and helping to propel issues that the MS Society supports. You can also get moving to help fundraise for events like Walk MS or Bike MS. These events help raise crucial funds for research, grants and for people living with MS.

ID: A picture of Sarah standing by a Walk MS sign. Her blue walker is in front of her

If you feel comfortable, you can share your personal story of how MS has affected you or a loved one.

Start small.

Find the way that feels most comfortable for you to share: a painting, a conversation with someone over a cup of coffee, or sharing on your social media pages.

MS doesn’t slow down so neither can we. I hope you will join the MS Movement. Together We’re Stronger!

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