Things I Find Helpful {Saving the Green Edition}

Disclaimer: I am not a financial guru. These are all just fun suggestions. Some, you could even find on Pinterest. That should exhibit how NOT A FINANCIAL person I am if I find fun tips on Pinterest.

So are you a SPENDER or a SAVER? It has been said that opposites attract and generally speaking, a spender gets with a saver and vice versa!

I am not a natural saver. (So you can guess which one I am in my relationship…)

I have to make it interesting and fun to save. As stated earlier, Pinterest has so many fun saving challenges all you need to do is punch in, “Save Money” in the search bar. One that I have liked doing for the last few years is the “Penny a Day for a Year” challenge. You are supposed to put one penny in a jar on Jan. 1st, two pennies on Jan. 2nd, three pennies on Jan. 3rd, etc. By the time, you get to December 31st on the last day when you put in the three dollars and sixty-five cents you should have saved $667.95!

Image of a handwritten note on lined paper. A pennies per day adds up over a year.

I am not a cash spender so it was hard the first year I attempted this to find pennies every day so instead I took a half hour, figured out how much pennies that equaled monthly, set up auto deposit and save money without even thinking about it! There is also a similar one that is a dollar per week for a month. I figured this one out as well but I haven’t set it up yet. If you do this one, you should have $1326 added up over the year. Here it is below if you wanna try it:

Image: Monthly Savings Plan of $1 per week

I also use apps that give me cash back when I shop online (and in store when we’re not living through a pandemic…) like Rakuten or Ibotta. It’s not a ton of money but it does add over time. In normal times, if I am going inside store to shop, I mainly use Ibotta for my grocery store shopping. For online shopping I use Rakuten. During Christmas shopping time, I would head there first to see if there were any discount codes in addition to any cash back rewards. I even use Rakuten for my Target drive up orders. Just be warned every time you go to the website/app, it gives you a specific shopping code for that “shopping trip” so if you close the window or app, you loose that specific code and your cash back doesn’t get counted. I just start a list so when I am ready, I can open the app, get my shopping code, add my purchases and get my cash back. (If you are interested in using either of these apps you can use my referral code so we both get a bonus! Ibotta:55onra Rakuten: SARAYR46

I just started listing our items we aren’t going to use anymore on Mercari. It’s a very user friendly selling app. You can list the price, when someone buys it, you pack it, print a label and ship it off. Once the buyer gets it and verifies its in good shape, you get paid. So easy! I really like this because people who come to my house during yard sales always low ball me. My stuff is in good condition; I am not selling it to you for a dollar. I love that on Mercari, you can control the pricing so you both get a fair deal: you make some money, they get a bargain. Here is my referral code for Mercari: If you follow the link from your phone it will direct you how to download the app.

One last thing that I do to make savings fun is participate in medical surveys. My favorite one to use is Rare Patient Voice. You enter your conditions and they will send you surveys. They all vary and you won’t qualify for every one but the payouts are nice when you do. You can earn $5 just for signing up with them. I don’t have a referral link but I still suggest you sign up.

What things do you do to save money? Does saving come naturally to you?


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