June Challenge: Clean up the Crap!

My kids start online summer school tomorrow for the month of June and theoretically, I should have some “free” time for a few hours each day!! I’ve noticed since we’re all on top of each other 24/7 for the last 70ish days that there is a ton of clutter all over my very small house and so I’ve decided to challenge myself to a June Tidy-Up.

I’ve mapped out 30 things (one for each day of June) that I want to work on around my house. Some are easy, some are hard. Some are things I have put off for a very long time. Some are because I can’t stand looking at it anymore. Some are because I have too much time on my hands right now and literally no where to go. Some will take minutes and some will take hours.

My plan is to pick 1 a day and hopefully tackle it in that day. I’ll post once a day with before and after pictures as proof. My list is below and in no particular order. I will pick one based on my energy level the morning of. It’s starting to get very warm in California and physically I get very slow and melty in the heat, my leg tends to stop being a team player and my mobility gets substantially worse.

The List (in no particular order) : Baking cabinet, cords in black box in hallway, sheets drawer, lower kitchen cabinet, pantry storage area, hallway top drawer, hallway bottom drawer, my desk drawer, L- top closet shelf, scrapbook box #1, scrapbook box #2, storage on top of fridge, nail polishes, bathroom hair stuff drawer, backyard toys, kids school box, hallway cabinet mess, under kitchen sink, my craft area, upper corner cabinet, clear photos in phone, clean out wallet, red hanging organizer, file misc paperwork in to folders, organize our closet, purge L’s close, purge J’s close, clear out old emails from inbox, craft box in garage, and under L’s bed.

Dude, just writing this out bums me out a bit but I think I am up for the challenge!! We shall see! Have you been cleaning and organizing during the quarantine?

IMAGE: A picture of my list of 30 De-Cluttering goals.


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Hey MSfit's & Spoonies! My name is Sarah. My blog name is MSfit Momma. MSfit is a word I created to be a play on the word "Misfit" because MS (Multiple Sclerosis) doesn't always play by the rules so I don't always either. I am a mom of 2 and I live with Multiple Sclerosis hence MSfit Momma!

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