World MS Day! May 30th

May 30th is World MS Day! A day to celebrate all the MSfit’s all over the World!! (I paraphrased that but seriously, who is bringing the cupcakes?!)

2020’s theme is #msconnections.

When I was diagnosed in 2012, I immediately started looking for people that understood what I was going through from my hospital bed. Before I was discharged from the hospital, my cousin had sent me the number to her old boss who had been living with MS for years so I had someone to talk to. She became my MS mentor. My first connection to living with MS. She was my very first MS Friend. The time and information she shared with me was invaulble- answering questions, easing fears, just taking the time to talk and listen to me. (I love you KM!)

I started following people on social media who were posting about MS related content. I still follow a lot of those same people that I followed in the beginning. Every so often, I search a tag and see who else I can find. So many people pop up all the time.

I tried different ways to get connected more and more in the world of MS. I volunteered at my local office of my MS Society chapter, mostly sending mailers out to people on information they requested. I formed a team and joined Walk MS. I visited support groups.

Now almost 8 years later, it’s my name and number that are being passed onto newly diagnosed patients. I have worked on a few different projects with the National MS Society sharing my story. I am a MS Advocate hoping to create change on local and national levels for people living with MS. I created this blog to make even more connections with people living and thriving with MS.

What are ways that you connect to others or organizations?

Happy World MS Day!!

IMAGE: A picture of Sarah with a World MS Day Banner.

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