June Challenge Day 10: There is a Time and a Place for Everything and There Should Be Snacks too.

Day 10! I am a third of the way through my self-imposed punishment…I mean decluttering challenge.

Today, I decided to work on the top of my fridge. Have I mentioned yet how tiny my kitchen is? We have super limited storage. Weird shaped cabinets. Minimal drawers. We have two IKEA shelve things that we use as storage places. One is for food storage. Mostly its every day use food- cereals, tortilla’s, bread, peanut butter and kids snacks. It’s stuff that we can quickly grab without going to our main pantry in the laundry room. The other holds an array of kitchen gadgets- my much loved KitchenAid mixer (That is trying to die after 14 years of service), our blender, our toaster, a panini press, a crock-pot, a mandolin…

The Mess

The space on top of our fridge holds an assortment of baggies, foil, plastic wrap and my cherished pumpkin candy dish that is basically the size of an actual pumpkin. I love it too much to put it in the garage with the Halloween decorations so it sits up on the fridge year round as a sort of display piece.

I also have cardboard magazine holders that I keep labeled for foil, wax paper and cling wrap. I also have two baskets for baggy storage- one for lunch sized baggies (snack and sandwich size) to quickly grab when I am packing lunches for my kids for school. The other one is for larger size bags (quart and gallons.) I also keep my crock-pot baggies in this basket. I like that it is all in reach.

My husband has been doing 97% of the cooking since quarantine started. He is a foot taller than me and just throws stuff back on top of the fridge all easy-peasy. He doesn’t need the step-stool like me.

Every thing in the right place

I would argue I am not a Type A type of person but writing these clean up blogs the last few days, I definitely like things where I think they go but I also have a super slow burn until it bugs me enough to do something about it.

It took only minutes and I am relieved it is back in order up there again. Now where are my snacks?


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Hey MSfit's & Spoonies! My name is Sarah. My blog name is MSfit Momma. MSfit is a word I created to be a play on the word "Misfit" because MS (Multiple Sclerosis) doesn't always play by the rules so I don't always either. I am a mom of 2 and I live with Multiple Sclerosis hence MSfit Momma!

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