Raise Your Hand If You Hate Online Shopping

We had a little sauce pan that we used for about 3 or 4 years but then I noticed it started flaking little black bits into whatever we were preparing. So I went on the Target app from my couch and ordered a new one. When it came, it was SUPER TINY! So I went online and ordered another one. It was too big. It would have been a hassle to try to return them, so now it’s like the Goldilocks of sauce pans. I have 2 that work just fine but not really in the size I want.

Then the next week I did the same thing when ordering gift bags for my Girl Scout troop. I saw these adorable unicorn bags which I knew would be perfect! When they showed up they were the size of my hand. (I still kept those because they’re good size for badges and patches.) When I went to re-order gift bags, I was REALLY smart and read the dimensions before I ordered and what do you know.. I’m not that great at measurements as it turns out becasue they were also too small.

I have never been a fan of online shopping. I like to wander the aisles of Target and my local grocery stores to find all the the things I do and do not need to purchase. I get tired pretty fast from too much walking or standing though so I mostly stick to whatever department I need to be visiting. Much to my husbands exasperation, I never use a list. In fact, since he has started doing the grocery shopping, I am not very helpful in writing out items we need unless I do it the second I think about it or it’s gone forever (like so many other things in my MSfit brain…)

I’m assuming I buy as much stuff now being stuck at home as I do when I’m actually in the store but it’s hard to say with the amount of delivery boxes we have being delivered day in and day out to the porch.

I haven’t been in a store to see the one way aisle directions or the frantic stocking up on essentials. I was really surprised when my husband starting bringing home our groceries in plastic bags again because we voted in California to switch to cloth bags (Ironically a lot of the those cloth bags I did order online with cute pictures of my family printed on the front.)

I use the Target app to earn cash back but it hasn’t been very much lately. I don’t really shop too much on Amazon if I can avoid it. I do use the Ibotta app to earn cash back on our groceries. (Referral code: 55onra. Full disclosure, I may earn a referral bonus if you use my link to join. Since joining, I have earned over $700 cash back on items I was buying anyway.) Do you prefer online shopping or do you like to be in-store? What are your tips and tricks?

My 2 odd size pots and a xtralarge mug for my dad’s Father’s day present. I assumed it was normal size,
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