June Challenge Day 5: I Nailed this Challenge

Today I felt like I had time to breath. This week has been rough with my kids in their first week of summer school. They both went on a virtual field trip at different times with their classes to the Kennedy Space Center and that was the brunt of their school day. I did stuff around the house without having to step away every 8 minutes. It was very refreshing.

It was a nice June gloom, overcast day today. My hubs and I played darts for a bit. When it’s warm, I can get through about a game and a half before my leg checks out and it’s too hard to remain standing. Today we actually got through 3 sets. He did slaughter me pretty quickly in the second game and I almost had him in the third. It’s something we have picked up during quarantine to do together. We’ve always had a dart board in our backyard but he has mostly always played with friends because I never really had any interest. Once we were home bound, we started playing together to pass time. He’s REALLY good and I am getting there.

We ordered pizza for dinner tonight. He has been cooking basically every night and wanted a break. He is a great chef and keeps me well fed but I was glad to have take out as a little cheat. We watched “A Bugs Life” with the kids for Friday movie night.

I just remembered I didn’t do a declutter item today. It’s already close to 8pm so I picked an easy one.

I chose to do my nail polishes. My daughter has just started really getting into painting her nails so the bottles of polishes are a big disaster in that cabinet. I combined our two bottles of nail polish remover into one and set all the bottles back up straight. I didn’t color coordinate them. I double checked that there weren’t any I wanted to throw away for any reason. (There weren’t.)


I’m really hoping tomorrow, I tackle a big project since it’s the weekend. It not like we’re going anywhere…

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