Walk MS is Back in Person Baby!!

WalkMS events are happening all over the US and are returning to in person participation all over the US.

Our Walk was about 3 weeks ago now. It seemed like there were less people walking than usual but it was still well attended. Our site raised over $60,000!

The National MS Society raises funds through WalkMS and BikeMS to put money directly into MS Research and to help patients living with MS get services and help they might not otherwise be able to afford.

This was our 10th year participating. My personal goal is always to raise $3,500 individually and $5,000 as a team. This year we fell a bit short and only raised $4,700 but that $4,700 pushed us past raising $50,000 over the lifetime of our participation so I’d say we still smashed it!!


Published by msfit momma

Hey MSfit's & Spoonies! My name is Sarah. My blog name is MSfit Momma. MSfit is a word I created to be a play on the word "Misfit" because MS (Multiple Sclerosis) doesn't always play by the rules so I don't always either. I am a mom of 2 and I live with Multiple Sclerosis hence MSfit Momma!

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